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Striking website; sleek, smooth, vibrant, just wonderful to browse. Stunning scenic photography, sharp architectural photos, and great digital manipulation giving another dimension to everyday objects and views. World galleries give a colourful, unique and passionate insight into the world. Obviously raw talent lies behind the lens.
Alexandra Stewart

Amazing Website!

How wonderful to see so many of your extraordinary and diverse images all together! It so clearly demonstrates what an incredible eye you have for shape, form, composition and colour. It's a joy to browse through, I am blown away!
Linda Thomson, London

New Website

Fantastic website. Your images are really amazing with such skill, great thought and dedication to everything you capture. I find each gallery totally captivating. Your ability to notice all the things around us is admirable, because so much does go unnoticed. So keep up the good work. As I always say "you can lose everything, but you can't lose your talent" Well done!
Simon Bird, Director M.O.D. Art Collection

Breathtaking Photography

From the vibrant sunsets of Bali to the rough textures of London, through the vast beautiful landscapes of New Zealand and everywhere between and beyond, this is an awe inspiring collection of photographs and each click takes your breath away.
Nikki Ford - South East London

Web Site

This is a wonderful website which not only has amazing and inspirational photographs but is so easy to explore. Your photography invites the viewer into your own personal way of seeing the world around you and we, the viewers, begin to see our surroundings in a whole new way ourselves. This is the special gift of a very talented photographer and artist.
John McConnell, Fine Art Paintings, British Coloumbia


These are amazing. So many of them have forced me to look twice/thrice and then again, and have rewarded with a whole new way of looking and seeing things. Thank you. It is beautifully put together. I want them all!!!
Debbie Vowles, London

New Website

The website looks great.... I love the colours, layout, functionality, and of course your amazing EYE!
Stephen Swafford, Indah Bulan, Los Angeles

Amazing Collection

Wow, could not pick a favourite if you paid me!Love so many of your photos, they are jaw dropping. Some wonderful London shots, beautifully capturing the spirit of the Capital. Professional and thoughtful work, well done.
Emily Campbell. Bristol

Amazing Photos!

Nice site!!! It looks great, you have a great eye and I especially like your work in the personal galleries. The vivid colours in the experimental work is fantastic. Well done.
Gine and Lexxi. South London