About Me

I discovered photography at the age of sixteen when I bought a Zenith “E” SLR from one of my best friends at Sherborne School. I was eagerly encouraged by my art teacher Trevor Boyd and I soon began to marvel at just what a camera could do. Since then I and have been fascinated with light and how to capture it. I guess I have had "the click" ever since. I continually look at the world with a my cropping boards in my head. I knew that I wanted to be a photographer from that day and I embarked on a journey that has been fulfilling, exciting and compelling.

I studied photography on both my Foundation Course and then in a 3 year H.N.D at GlosCAT, now Gloucester University in Editorial and Advertising Photography. During this time I learned the fundamental aspects of technical and theoretical photography and practised both studio and location shoots.

My pursuits with a camera have fortunately taken me all over the world and around the UK and I have built up a substantial photographic library some of which are represented on this website.

Of course for many years I shot with 35mm and 120mm film. Wet and Dry areas of my darkroom were clearly defined and I got such pleasure from enlarging and developing my own prints - the magic happened before my eyes. I converted over to digital photography in 2000 - the speed and ease of the digital revolution facinated me. I have been working with this format ever since. I am very familiar with Photoshop and also ACDsee.

I currently use a Panasonic Lumix micro two thirds DSLR, and always carry my Panasonic Lumix TZ70 (just in case). I still use a Bronica ETRSS larger format film camera which combined with my digital cameras meets the needs of all aspects of my work.

I have recently moved to Cheltenham Gloucestershire after 30 years in London. I share my home with my dog - a lively but adorable 5 year old Jack Russell called Poppy who was born blind in one eye.

If you are interested in any aspects of my work for purchase or would like to get in touch please email me using the link below or by filling the form on the Contacts section.

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